The sacred island of Hephaestus

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Located at the northeastern Aegean Sea, Lemnos has lots of common Greek-island beauties and it also holds a strong mythical and historical background. Poliochni, ancient Myrina, Caveirio, ancient Hephaestia and many other historical places in combination with the four museums are the best guides themselves to the island’s past! Live the experience to wander through the ruins of Poliochni, one of the oldest human settlement of whole Europe with the earliest form of social and urban organization. Learn about the famous Caveiria Mysteries and admire the buildings of ancient Hephaestia. You will discover that Lemnos has a distinctive aura derived from its glorious past!

Greek mythology is totally connected with the island! Lemnos or “the homeland of god Hephaestus, the god of technology” was known for metal commerce and for maritime trade in general, strategically positioned between western Asia Minor and the Aegean. The myth says that Hephaestus fell on Lemnos when his father Zeus hurled him out of Olympus. Also, Homer says that the name Lemnos, which remained unchangeable throughout the centuries, originates from the Phoenician word “white”. As the island is low and treeless, the white color seems from far away.

It is a volcanic island, with stunning lunar beauties generally rough and mountainous. Today the island of Lemnos has about forty villages and settlements. The province includes the island of Agios Efstratios to the southwest which has some exceptional beaches and the only desert in Europe!

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